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Other Great Tasting Steaks

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Delicious Criollo Beef Boneless Top Sirloin
Other Great Tasting Steaks
A tender, flavorful, boneless filet, hand-cut from the bottom sirloin. - view recipes
A large, bone-in filet--perfect to feed the whole family!  - view recipes

Other Fine Quality Criollo Beef Products

World's Best Gourmet Ground Steak and Criollo Burgers
Ground Criollo Beef
The World's Best  - 92% Lean Ground Criollo Beef, in 1 to 1.2 lb. packages. - view recipes
The World's Best  burgers - 1/3 lb each, 4 to a pack, 92% lean.
Mouth Watering Criollo Grassfed Beef Tenderloin Filet
Our Premium Steaks
Boneless, Great Steak
The absolute BEST! Hand-cut a full TWO INCHES thick! - view recipes
The Tenderloin Filet and New York Strip, all in 1 delicious steak! - view recipes
The cowboy's favorite steak! - view recipes
Large side of the T-Bone, a mouth-watering boneless filet
Ideal for the smaller appetite, these filet tips are also perfect for kabobs - view recipes
For the dedicated Steak-Lover: 12 of our Premium Criollo Steaks!
Fabulous Fajita from Grass Fed Criollo Beef
Stir Fry, Fajitas, Steak Fingers, etc.
This thin, textured cut is perfect for fajitas and stir-fry! - view recipes
The original fajita--use your favorite fajita seasoning! - view recipes
Perfect for baked steak, steak fingers, or on the grill! - view recipes
Also known as Cube Steaks, these Cutlets make the world's best Chicken Fried Steaks! - view recipes
What do Mom's Pot Roast, Chicken Fried Steak and Fajitas have in common? Texas!
Tender and Lean Criollo Top Round Roast
Lean and Tender Criollo Roasts
An incredible roast!  Perfect for the carving station and those special occasions! - view recipes
Our most popular roast for pot roasting or braising! - view recipes
The delicious Rump Roast is outstanding in the oven or the crock pot - view recipes
4 of the family dinners you loved as a kid!
Award-Winning Criollo Beef Brisket
For the Barbecue: Brisket and Ribs
Hand-cut, hand-trimmed whole brisket - perfect to feed a crowd at summer barbecues! - view recipes
What barbecue is complete without Ribs? - view recipes
Perfect for large gatherings!

Economical Criollo Grassfed Beef Variety Packs
Criollo Beef Packages

No need to make up your mind as to which delicious cut of Criollo beef you want to try--get a Criollo Variety Pack, and try an assortment of Criollo products at SUBSTANTIAL savings over buying the retail cuts individually!  Our Variety Packs consist of 100% Criollo retail cuts:  steaks, roasts, fajitas, barbeque--you won't have to tie up freezer space with a large amount of ground product just to get discount pricing on your favorite steaks & roasts! 

Want to save some REALLY serious change?:

"COW-POOL" with your friends and neighbors!

Recruit your family, friends & neighbors!  Buy our delicious Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef in bulk, and divide the order!  Each Criollo beef variety pack has freezer volume requirements listed; recruit some family, friends, and neighbors and pool your order to take advantage of the savings!

We offer 6 different sizes of variety packs, ranging from 10 lbs to 160 lbs. Each has a pre-set assortment of cuts, with a fixed weight and price for the package, so you'll know exactly how much you'll be spending.  With the wide array of sizes and choices, you're sure to find a Criollo beef variety pack that suits your needs and freezer space!

Click on the Package Name to see the detailed list of what cuts are included!


We offer, during the harvest season, whole animals and individual sides, priced by the pound based on dressed weight, processing fees included.  What's so important about the processing fees being included?  It's a BIG deal--the expenses associated with creating individually-vaccum-packed cuts of beef include:  the harvest fee, meat hanging/aging/cutting fee, by-product disposal fee, and 1 steak/package fee.  Typically, processing fees average $1.26 per pound of dressed weight for dry-aged, vacuum-packed, 1 item/package beef such as we are proud to provide our customers.  By including all processing fees in our prices, our customers have only 1 variable to consider:  the dressed weight of the side or whole they are considering purchasing.

Average dressed weight is 500 to 550 lbs, but each animal varies slightly.  The yield from our animals from dressed weight to finished product varies from animal to animal , but is typically right around 65%-70%. 

Wholes are priced at $5.09/lb dressed weight, and include the organ meats, with $800.00 deposit reserving the beef.  Sides are priced at $5.45/lb dressed weight, with $400.00 deposit reserving the beef; organ meats are not included with sides.  Select soup bones, in 4-5 lb bags, are included with both.

Expected yield of retail cuts of beef from wholes is 350 to 385 lbs of individually-wrapped cuts; expected yield of retail cuts of beef from sides is 175 to 193 lbs of individual cuts. 

Please contact us via email or telephone for more details.  Our first available harvest date is May 13, 2019, with 2 wholes available.  We have additional availability with our harvest dates in June & July 2019.   Make your reservation early, as our harvest dates sell out fast.  Our sides and wholes typically dry-age for 2-3 weeks before being cut and vacuum-packed.  For example, the Criollo beef harvested May 13, 2019 will be available around the first week of June, 2019. 

As an example, if you buy a side of beef, and that side of beef had a dressed weight of 250 lbs, your side of beef would cost 250 x $5.45 =  $1,362.50, and you could expect 160 to 175 lbs of actual individual cuts of beef, plus select soup bones.  You will end up with a net cost of about $7.78 per pound of individually-wrapped, retail cuts of beef, including Tenderloin Filets and T-Bones!

Another example, if you buy a whole beef (2 sides + organ meats), and that beef had a dressed weight of 550 lbs, your whole beef would cost 550 x $5.09 = $2,799.50, and you could expect 330 to 385 lbs of actual individual cuts of beef, plus the organ meats, plus select soup bones.  This means a freezer full of beef with a net cost of about $7.27/lb, including the steaks!

Criollo Delicacies - Exquisite, delicate flavor
Criollo Delicacies
Delicious, tender and packed with nutrients!
Robust, "beefy" flavor, and very tender!
A tender and delicious treat, whether sliced or in a sandwich!
Perfect for making hearty soups, flavorful broths and wonderful sauces! Comes bagged, 4-5 lbs per bag.
Makes wonderful, hearty soup and the most flavorful beef stock!

Our next shipping date will be Monday, June 24, 2019.

Your Criollo Beef order is delivered to your door in perfect condition. We use plenty of dry ice and a reusable, insulated cooler - a packaging combination that will insure your products arrive frozen and in excellent condition. We ship via FEDEX on Mondays. Our shipping charges for 1 and 2 day deliveries (tan and light tan areas on the map) are $24.00 for each 25 pounds of beef (i.e. 1 to 25 lbs will be $24.00 and 26 to 50 lbs will be $48)

In delivery areas requiring 3 or 4 days in the FEDEX system (green and brown areas on the map) : to insure your Criollo Beef order arrives in perfect condition, we must add additional dry ice, and usually a larger shipping container to hold the extra dry ice.  Due to the additional dry ice and larger container needed, shipments requiring 3 or 4 days in the FEDEX system will require an additional $14.00 in shipping fees. If you live in the 3 or 4 day FEDEX delivery area (based on delivery zip code), your shipping charges will be increased by $14.00 (from $24.00 to $38.00  for 0 to 25.0 lbs, and from $48.00 to $62.00 for 25.1 to 50.0 lbs., etc.). You will see this additional $14.00 (if applicable) added for the final order verification.


Please click here for detailed information about our shipping charges and policies.
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