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Move Over, McDonalds: The Top Healthy Hamburger Recipes You Have to Try

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Hamburgers don't have to be unhealthy. Check out this guide to learn about the top healthy hamburger recipes you have to try.

Nobody looks forward to the mashed potatoes at family barbeques — there's only one thing on everybody's mind during classic American outings. That's the hamburger and for good reason. It's hard to mess up a hamburger recipe, and whenever you bite into one, you know something great is in store for you.

Yet, even though everyone loves hamburgers, few people enjoy the weight they may carry with them. It can seem impossible to find healthy hamburger recipes, and you can only savor flavor so much before you start thinking about how it may impact your health. And you can only eat so many hamburgers before it actually starts eating away at it.

Luckily, not all hamburgers need to be so unhealthy. There are a plethora of healthy hamburger recipes you can use to make your next barbeque as delicious as the last. Yet, by using a healthy hamburger recipe, you won't need to sacrifice your health for flavor!

Keep reading below to learn about some healthy hamburger recipes you can use for your next meal. They're just as delicious as your usual burger, without the consequences!

Healthy Hamburger Recipes

Meat Matters — Especially When it Comes to Health

Meat is a great source of nutrients, no matter what kind of meat it is. It's naturally a massive source of protein and other nutrients that your body needs to sustain muscle growth and keep you energized throughout the day. Yet, that doesn't mean all meat is made the same.

Different cuts can have different nutritional benefits, and some kinds of meat may not be as nutritious as others. Poorer cuts of meat may have more fat in it, which can cause health issues if you eat too much of it. Most of the time, it doesn't have the kinds of fat your body needs, either.

Poor cuts of meat are usually filled with trans fats, which are only there to help transport the meat. While they are safe to consume in limited amounts, eating too many will cause severe health issues down the line. The best way to avoid trans fats is by ordering high-quality cuts from reputable sources.

These cuts taste better, are healthier, and will help you make better burgers!

Spinach and Tomato Makes for Healthier Burgers

After picking up good cuts of meat, it's time to get to work on your burgers! For your first healthy burger, it's best not to deviate too far away from tradition. The spinach and tomato burger recipe doesn't change much from the traditional burger recipe calling for lettuce and other toppings.

It's also the simplest to make since it calls for only one different kind of topping: spinach dip. Instead of putting ketchup, mustard, or anything else on your burger, you put in homemade spinach dip. The burger still has the crunch of lettuce and smack of a sauce on it.

The only difference is that the burger is healthier, and it may even taste better than a traditional one.

California Can Create Healthy Hamburger Recipes

Bread usually has more calories than people expect. A single bun can add more than 400 calories to your meal, without adding any flavor. All buns do is give you a way to hold your burger so that the everything stays together and you can eat it easily.

There are tons of lower-calorie options that still keep your burger together, and California hamburger rolls are one of them. These rolls are basically just hamburgers, but without the bun. To keep the burger together, you just use lettuce.

By using lettuce, you can grip sandwich just as well with a bun, but you won't need to worry about eating a ton of empty calories. Lettuce has almost zero calories, and so you don't need to feel guilty about using it for your burger. 

Hamburger Meat Doesn't Need to Be Used in Burgers

It's not like it's a law that hamburger meat needs to be used for hamburgers. You can use the meat for a variety of recipes that call for meat, and in many cases, you should. Hamburger meat notoriously distributes its fat reserves better, or just has less fat than other cuts.

That means you won't need to worry about extra oil being added to your meal unintentionally. Since most people brown hamburger meat before adding it a recipe, you can take full control over how much oil makes its way into your meal. For examples of recipes you can make with hamburger meat, just keep reading below!

Nobody Expects the Classic Spanish Rice Dish

No two Spanish rice recipes are exactly the same; in fact, they're a lot like burgers. Everyone has their own take on what Spanish rice should taste like. But everyone agrees that it must have some kind of meat and that the kind of meat matters.

Good hamburger meat will make a huge difference in your Spanish rice recipe. Since you control how much oil makes its way into the recipe, you can control the texture of the rice. The more you can customize your Spanish rice, the more it will taste like art!

Stew Will Stir Your Appetite

Stew is as classic an American dish as hamburgers. It's something that people come home from work to, and it's what many people look forward to throughout the day. It's as customizable as hamburgers too since anyone can add any variety of vegetables or seasonings.

The flavors submerge in a delicious broth, and it does more than accentuate the flavors. It also helps break down the beef you add to it, and the end result is a uniquely textured meal, no matter the kind of meat you used. The better the cut of meat, the better it will retain its flavor as it breaks down into something you slurp up instead of bite into!

Eating Healthy Doesn't Mean Giving Up Burgers

Everyone wants to eat healthily, yet few people are willing to put in the work to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Given the sheer amount of unhealthy options in the market now, it can seem hard to stay healthy. It takes work to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and people are already working hard enough.

Yet, eating healthy doesn't need to be so hard. By just using a few healthy hamburger recipes instead of traditional ones, you can take the first steps towards a healthier life. Before you know it, you will start feeling better while enjoying delicious meals.

To feel healthier, you need to eat healthier food. You can find healthier meats by shopping with us. We only stock the highest-quality, grass-fed cuts that will help you get started living healthier.

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